Doodle #16 : Compass

This picture was clicked right after sunset at Wilson point in Mahabaleshwar.

Doodle #13 : Wine tasting at Vallonne

Oak barrels used to age Indian wines are usually imported from France or California. These barrels come in a variety of sizes and prices and are often toasted from the inside to induce a strong flavor to the wine while it ages. This doodle was clicked in the cold basement cellar of Vallonne Vineyards. Vallonne lies…

Doodle #11 : Wine tasting soon

I have been having thoughts about making a trip to the vineyards in Nashik for quite some time.I’ll be uploading pictures about my trip real soon! 

Decorating my Travel Journal!

I love travelling and I’ve always wanted to own a travel journal where I could take my own notes when travelling. It had been quite sometime since I bought myself a new diary, which I was planning to use as my travel journal. Being a lover of art, I decided to add my own taste…

Doodle #7 : Sightseeing in Mahabaleshwar

Clicked during one of my evening trails to the various hill points in Mahabaleshwar. Kate’s Point, known for the history attached to it is also famous for the ‘Echo Point’ situated within it. 

Checklist for Mahabaleshwar

During my recent trip to Mahabaleshwar, which also happens to be my fourth visit to the untouched hill station, I realized that while the hill station is undoubtedly filled with sightseeing and time spending options, however there are a couple of activities unique just to this hill station.  For people on a short trip to…

Doodle #6 : Wine Cravings

My love for red wines is boundless and so, I’m planning a winery trip super soon! Can’t wait to taste some amazing blends and varieties of Indian wines. 

Doodle #5 : The road less taken

Who doesn’t love long drives when vacationing? It is one of the best ways to unwind and allows you to explore your travel destination even better. During one of my recent road trips to Mahabaleshwar, a quaint hill station in Maharashtra, I took a long drive through the hills to explore the lesser visited parts…

Dishes you can’t afford to skip when in Mahabaleshwar

Travelling to Mahabaleshwar soon? Be prepared to pile on a few kilos as there are quite a number of dishes you would love to hog on! Here is a list of must try foods that you must definitely try when in Mahabaleshwar.  Summer is almost at our doorstep and most of us love heading towards…

Doodle #4 : Mini Siam, Pattaya

The Mini Siam Park in Pattaya, Thailand is quite similar to the Window of the World situated in Shenzhen, China. As  soon as I got into the park, it began to drizzle. I was amazed to see how the park officials had geared them up for the rainy season and had set up a nice…