Doodle #20 : Sunset over the hills

I clicked this picture last week, while I had gone trekking with a couple of friends to watch the sun set into the  hills. Definitely a sight to not miss!

Doodle #17 : Wanderlusting

The route to Vallone Vineyards, situated in Igatpuri, is a beautiful one. We soared through small and busy villages and countless fields of Igatpuri trying to soak in as much as we could from our surroundings.

Doodle #16 : Compass

This picture was clicked right after sunset at Wilson point in Mahabaleshwar.

Doodle #13 : Wine tasting at Vallonne

Oak barrels used to age Indian wines are usually imported from France or California. These barrels come in a variety of sizes and prices and are often toasted from the inside to induce a strong flavor to the wine while it ages. This doodle was clicked in the cold basement cellar of Vallonne Vineyards. Vallonne lies…

Doodle #12 : Everything tastes better with wine

I clicked this doodle on my way towards the Vallone Wineyards, in the interiors of Igatpuri, in Maharashtra. Located in the interiors of the state, beside the Lukhane lake, this picturesque place seems to be untouched by time. 

Doodle #11 : Wine tasting soon

I have been having thoughts about making a trip to the vineyards in Nashik for quite some time.I’ll be uploading pictures about my trip real soon!